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By merging hi-tech marketing with creativity and interactivity, we accompany our clients through the digital transformation of their companies. 


A clear and bespoke digital strategy is designed to combine it with innovative specific actions able to compete in the most demanding creative technology market.

Dinosaurus: vuelta al cole

Adam Foods | Artiach

Dinosaurus is one of the most important brands of cookies for children in Spain. In September 2020, on the occasion of the children's return to school for a new scholar year, (a very special return because it was the first time since the lockdown ended), we made an advertising spot that celebrated this fact. The professionals from Sngular Studios who participated in the project made the re-texturing of the characters, the integration of the characters in the real image, the animation, editing and post-production of the piece.

Chiquilín Ositos

Adam Foods | Artiach

Chiquilín is one of the most traditional cookie brands in Spain. Belonging to Artiach and Adam Foods. On the occasion of the restyling of its icon brand for children, "Chiquilín Ositos" Sngular fully developed the spot for its launch, carrying out the modelling of the props, animations, lighting, editing and post-production.

Leyendas de Sevilla

José María de Mena Foundation

Leyendas y tradiciones de Sevilla (LYTAR) is an augmented reality app oriented to tourism visitors and the general curious public of Seville city. 


Based on the famous book “Tradiciones y Leyendas de Sevilla” written by José María de Mena, the app allows the users to learn about these stories using augmented reality dramatization in the real places where the stories “happened”.


The app is available in Google Play and Apple Store, it includes 15 stories with historical characters animated in AR, geofencing to launch AR layers, animations with motion capture system and navigation system to guide tourists.

Dinosaurus Huevos Mobile Video Game

Adam Foods | Artiach

Can you imagine having a Dinosaurus as a pet? With Dinosaurus Eggs app it's possible!


With this mobile video game, the user will feed, wash and take care of the dino since it leaves the egg. It also contains 3D mini-games of activities in which the dino can do yoga and practice sports such as running, swimming or cycling.


The most surprising thing is that with the new Dinosaurus Eggs app you can talk to your Dinosaurus! The App has a real-time ChatBot trained with AI specifically to communicate with the children.


More than 300.000 downloads and over 3 million anonymous conversations were registered, which allowed the client to have a clear input about the topics of interest about its brand.


Gravity is a project developed in virtual reality to present a theme park project to investors in the tourism sector. We designed a high impact VR sensory and immersive 3D environment, with more than 50 sports modalities and 6 types of worlds living together. 


We created a VR narrative visual structure that combines the interactive layer and voice-over. This proposal added a viability impression for potential investors by seeing the project as if it was already finished.


Gravity in figures: 6 complete worlds, 78 custom animations, 25 million triangles, +65 custom timelines, 18 interactive elements, +45 2D videos, +20 360 Video renders, +30 Sound effects, 8 original musical themes.

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