Feeling the show

We create fascinating visual and sensorial experiences in the area of international museums and exhibitions.

We generate emotional and comprehensive interactive environments focusing on the most exciting user experience, for cultural and educational projects.


Our multidisciplinary team covers many different services, from consultancy advising on creative direction and hardware setup, to high quality visual design, and the development of graphics and interactive productions.

Dubai Exhibition

Sngular Studios has participated in a large-scale project collaborating in the design and development of a gallery of a big exhibition in Dubai.

Our role has been to perform the design of the complete experience from all perspectives: UX, lightning,  sound… and also the development of its Interactive and Audiovisual Productions. Sngular Studios approach has been holistic, trying always to maintain high coherence between the physical spaces and the media components. After an exhaustive analysis of the agreed targets presented by the curators, regarding the interests of the visitors, the goals were to define “what they see '', “what they listen to”, and “what they touch”. The Team worked on different elements such as the light (intensity, color, states and direction), the audio (volume, states and spatial location), to get an integrated experience. 


Our team was also commissioned to design and develop varied interactive productions: an interactive wall with a large format video mapping system: visitors are able to touch on different interaction points of the wall (using radar touch technology), and different audiovisual contents are projected accordingly; also an interactive led floor has been performed, and some video games that allow visitors to compose music loops that combine with the main sound track of the gallery.

Qatar Museum

Sngular Studios is collaborating on the development of  one of the most recognized museums in Doha.

In this project Sngular Studios has a great weight of responsibility, as it works on different cross-cutting disciplines:


- Interactives: Design and development of more than 30 interactive productions for several galleries of the Museum, including original artworks, 3D elements, gamification components, motion graphics, detection by depth cameras and mechanical productions.

- Media Style Guide: Development of the Media Style Guide for the entire Museum.

- Graphic Style Guide: Development of the Graphic Style Guide for one of the main galleries of the Museum.

- Graphics: Design and development of more than 550 graphic productions for several galleries of the Museum, including original artworks, large scale formats and a diverse range of graphics typologies.

Interactive Museum Web/VR

BBVA Foundation

Using WebVR and A-frame, we created a virtual museum where users can enjoy the entire collection of BBVA Foundation and even take advantage of the possibility of creating different visits from the CMS developed by the Team under wordpress.

It becomes difficult for many large scale art collections to be physically and totally displayed to the public as spaces are limited. This project made the Foundation capable to share and show their cultural patrimony successfully. 


To increase the educational value of the project, users can click on VR in the artworks to explore and learn more about them through specialized contents and audios related to the pieces and the author.


This interactive virtual museum allows web visitors to enjoy the experience using just their browser, but also enable those users that have a VR device to have an immersive experience, making this solution highly scalable and democratic.

Virtual Tours Gallery

Banco Santander & Botín Foundation

Development of several sites with Pano 360 technology in HTML5 with implementation of a wrapper with sections to display further information about the collection and the painter.

List of Services

  • Production and Development

    Interactive Productions

    Audiovisual Productions

    Content Creation and Management

    3D & 2D Asset Production

    CMS Development

    SFX & Music Composing


    Translation / Localization and Proofreading

    HW Consultancy


    New Interfaces

  • Art & Design

    Creative Direction

    Interior Design and Museography

    Graphic Design and Art

    UX Research & Development

    Storyboarding and Animatics

    Concept Art and Illustration

    Signage Development

    Graphic & Media Style Guides

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