Sngular Studios emerges from the technical and creative diversity of Sngular’s innovative ecosystem, as a consequence to the market challenges in specific areas such as gamification, visual design, mixed realities or experiential marketing.


We are leaders and visionaries in the creation of multimedia and interactive visual experiences, and we always do it by enjoying the journey. A perfect balance between artistic quality and technological capabilities.


Engaging the intuition

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Feeling the show

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Raising the scene

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Thrilling the audience

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We work with agile methodologies and a transversal and flexible approach that fuses our diverse expertise and backgrounds. 

We have a multidisciplinary team with more than 40 people covering all key profiles to meet any challenge within our fields.

  • 01. Conception

    We help our clients to conceptualize and develop essential ideas and desires, achieving the best approach to strengthen the project. We get involved from the beginning, carefully analyzing the starting point to improve any process or add new enriched insights.

  • 02. Design

    We analyze and evaluate our clients' needs to conceive the most suitable design solutions according to the specific strategy. We move on to a prototyping phase to check that all elements are working together in the desired sense.

  • 03. Production

    Leaving behind the design stage, we focus on developing the production of the specific experiences as per the approved prototypes. It is the time to work together with different disciplines such as visual and digital design, hardware and software solutions, content team and programmers. We apply Agile Testing Methodologies, incorporating our QA Team on early stages of the design and development of our solutions.

  • 04. Integration

    We adapt our productions and services to the required hardware or software systems according to the client expectations.

  • 05. Deployment

    We perform the final delivery and installation of our productions, providing our clients with all the manuals, documentation and specific training if needed.

  • 06. Maintenance

    If requested, we offer maintenance services for our solutions as corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance and adaptive maintenance. We also provide a support service under a SLA that can be adapted to each client´s needs.

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