Engaging the intuition

We design and develop stunning video games to challenge your imagination.

Our team is led by relevant pioneers of the Spanish video game industry, along with a large group of passionate professionals who are able to contribute with outstanding ideas and innovative visual proposals.  


We take care of the whole project creation pipeline, from ideation and design, to the execution of all assets, programming and testing tasks, obtaining attractive and engaging interactive contents.


Wildbit Studios

CoolPaintrVR is the crazy experience of painting in a 3D space with virtual reality, developed for the PlayStation VR platform.

 This video game was initiated by the Team of Sngular Studios in their former company Wildbit Studios, and was finished and published by Sngular. This awesome experience allows users to create their own world through creativity and even walk around their artworks. With an intuitive interface designed to be adapted to all audiences, users can explore multiple and amazing brushes to enjoy as an artist.


This is a great tool to express the mind freely and to test design and ideas by literally previewing them from their interior. It also brings the user the opportunity to share their creations with the community and get in touch with other passionate people learning how to achieve other creative perspectives. The game allows users to print in 3D and export their virtual creations.


It has achieved a remarkable success in the market, hitting the sales charts worldwide, reaching top 5 in USA and top 6 in Europe.

Song of Horror

Raiser Games | Webedia

Development of porting of the PC game Song of Horror to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Complete update and optimization of the code and graphic assets to adapt them to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One gaming systems. The Team also performed the localization of the video game for eastern markets, integrating the Asian languages.


The original game was performed under Unreal Engine 4, and it was conceived to run on today’s PC generation, with a highly demanding performance, which has made it very difficult for the Team to get the video  game to meet all the technical requirements of the former generation consoles.

Skull Legends

Materia Works

Skull Legends is a professional 3D Action / Tower Defense Game that has achieved almost two million downloads.


It was developed by the Team of Materia Works, a company fully incorporated to Sngular in 2019.


This game was awarded by the Unity Awards 2014 - Best Design, and was selected into Appstore best Tower Defense Games of 2014, getting to the 10 best strategy games in Appstore.

Dinosaurus Huevos Mobile Video Game

Adam Foods | Artiach

Can you imagine having a Dinosaurus as a pet? With Dinosaurus Eggs app it's possible!


With this mobile video game, the user will feed, wash and take care of the dino since it leaves the egg. It also contains 3D mini-games of activities in which the dino can do yoga and practice sports such as running, swimming or cycling.


The most surprising thing is that with the new Dinosaurus Eggs app you can talk to your Dinosaurus! The App has a real-time ChatBot trained with AI specifically to communicate with the children.


More than 300.000 downloads and over 3 million anonymous conversations were registered, which allowed the client to have a clear input about the topics of interest about its brand.

Gamification: Liga BBVA

The bank uses BBVA Game to promote its online banking services. BBVA Game is a web application where customers can earn points for watching educational videos on how to make simple banking transactions, use the mobile banking app or pay taxes online. Customers can later redeem their bonus points for music downloads and movie streaming or use them to participate in sweepstakes and giveaways.


BBVA’s business requirements became Game’s key challenges:


- Increase active online users

- Improve database/customer profiles

- Cross/up selling

- Expand marketing activities

- Provide incentives and promotions


As a result, the application was able to:


- Educate users on use of digital channels.

- Connect/validate emails/mobile phones.

- Apply game mechanics to improve engagement / user retention


BBVA Game results:

- More than 200.000 new online users

- 60% use the game each day

- 15% virality (member-get-member)

- Customer satisfaction increased x1.8 

- 0 Euros spent in marketing (paid media)

- x16 video views on product and web functionalities

- x5 improvement in customer data qualification


Game evolved towards a loyalty platform and a multichannel strategy. It was a key driver in accelerating BBVA’s digital transformation.



- Bank Innovation Awards 2013

- Gawards 2013

List of Services

  • Development / Engineering

    Game development 

    Engineering Consultancy

    Porting Services

    Game Design & Gamification 

    AI and Data Analysis

    SFX & Music composing

    User Testing, Focus Groups and Validations


    QA Testing

  • Art

    Concept Art


    Storyboarding / Animatics Color Key

    Modelling / Materials


    Matte painting / Environments Render / Lighting

    Animation / 3D Production VFX

    Motion Capture

  • UX/UI

    UI / UX Design

    Graphic Design

    Mockups and Prototyping Final Design

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