Raising the scene

We are pioneers in immersive process virtualization 4.0 and VR/AR/MR non stop developers.

Our specialists are born innovators and apply all the potential of immersive technologies to allow a higher interaction between the real and virtual environments. 


We combine various areas of transversal knowledge such as 3D, UX, VR, AR/MR, and graphic computing to create user interfaces that are prepared to respond to the visual and integration challenges of multiple sectors, such as energy, health, industry or retail.


AI MARS (Artificial Intelligence System for Monitoring, Alert and Response for Security in multitudinous events), is a multi-company R&D project coordinated by Cellnex, where Sngular participates in designing and developing the visualization layer in Mixed Reality, using Microsoft Hololens 2. Our team has closely collaborated with the Civil Guard to collect and understand crucial information about the use cases.

Its goal is to provide an innovative  surveillance and prevention solution for the security forces combining many information sources, extracting knowledge from all the gathered data, and displaying the outcome on a Mixed Reality environment. 


Multiple cameras and checkpoints are responsible for sending images to a complex Artificial Intelligence layer that will perform: Weapon detection, critical objects, suspicious behaviors, facial recognition, etc.


Gravity is a project developed in virtual reality to present a theme park project to investors in the tourism sector. We designed a high impact VR sensory and immersive 3D environment, with more than 50 sports modalities and 6 types of worlds living together. 


We created a VR narrative visual structure that combines the interactive layer and voice-over. This proposal added a viability impression for potential investors by seeing the project as if it was already finished.


Gravity in figures: 6 complete worlds, 78 custom animations, 25 million triangles, +65 custom timelines, 18 interactive elements, +45 2D videos, +20 360 Video renders, +30 Sound effects, 8 original musical themes.

Tesis VR

Schneider Electric

Digital twin for VR training

In this project we exported a physical training demo case to a virtual one, where all the components and their electric behavior were simulated in real time. The objective was to transfer all the devices and exercises of the contactor line of Schneider to a Virtual Reality photorealistic environment, to allow the sales force of Schneider to get the training needed to understand the behaviour of each device connecting it to others on a electric panel.


Our technical approach for the project was very ambitious, as we were seeking to get a high-performance application that was able to run at a very high frame rate, to avoid any kind of discomfort while using the VR device. Also it was important to get a very optimized graphic engine, that eventually allowed us to develop real time simulation of the components, using graphic computing. To achieve these goals, Sngular Studios used its in-house custom 3D graphic engine that is able to run at the highest frame rate allowed by any of the brand new cutting edge VR devices.


The outcome of this project represents significant savings in material costs, a more flexible framework where any new device can be incorporated to the system on the fly, it has obvious advantages in terms of safety, and a reliable scoring system to keep track of the training evolution of each user.

List of Services

  • Development & Engineering

    Mixed Reality Applications on MR Glasses

    Augmented Reality Mobile Apps 

    Virtual Reality High-Performance Applications

    Web AR/VR Applications

    Digital Twins

    Real Time Simulation

    VR/AR Training

    Remote Supervision

    Graphic Computing

    Immersive Learning

    Virtual Tours

    VR 360 Video Production

    Haptic Systems

    QA & Agile Testing

  • Art & Design

    3D Environments


    Motion Capture

    3D Avatars


  • UX/UI

    UX Research

    UX/UI Design



    User Testing, Focus Groups

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